Direct Investment Management

The Direct investment module delivers advanced evaluation techniques for your investments by providing the ability to efficiently analyze, manage, and disseminate an ever-increasing flow of qualitative and quantitative data. >>

Project Management

Recognizing the important of having right communication between the different departments & teams within the organization, FiduciarySoft has developed the ultimate solution to overcome your project challenges. >>


FiduciarySoft's CRM system includes all of the business processes and associated systems that touch a customer by force automation, sales order entry, and product configuration which enables companies' to respond quickly and accurately to customer inquiries.>>


Human Resources (HR) encompasses all the applications necessary for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individual employees. Modules includes administration management, payroll management and training.>>
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System Technology

The system leverage the latest Oracle technology providing high scalability and ensuring availability while it also remains a cost effective solution.

The system is web based and is developed using the latest Oracle Forms Technologies which allows the software to run via Internet Explorer or any other Java supported browsers.
Some components of the software has also been developed using other tools and technologies
(Java , VB) and integratin Oracle forms to form an integrated and complete solution for the customers’ needs and requirements .